Terms & Conditions

Please note, we DO NOT offer refunds for any services or events.

Our classes book many days/weeks in advance. If you just booked 1 or 2 spots please give us at least 24 hours notice.

We require a 48 hour notice to change your booking of 3 participants more.Summer Camps and Jr. Farmers Programs are NON-REFUNDABLE.

If it rains on the fun, you will be contacted by e-mail to reschedule. For any other unforeseen circumstances, keep this policy in mind.

Contact lani@goodsandgoatsmarket.com to reschedule. This includes, classes, parties, Goat Walk, and Date Night, and any other services not mentioned above.

Please call (949)212-4357 or e-mail lani@goodsandgoatsmarket.com to choose another class or booking time.

We accept payment methods at the farm in Credit / Debit Cards, PAYPAL, and Venmo.

Feel free to call (949) 212-4357 or email us if you have any further Questions.

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