Private Group Goat Walk-Run

Private Group Goat Walk-Run

10 Humans, Lots of GOATS! All Hiking through Trabuco Creek Road! Ages 3 & Up

Farmer James starts by giving you and 9 of yours on a personal tour of our little farm. He will answer questions about antiques, animals, and well everything he has created. You will all meet the chickens, up close and personal if you wish. And then the real fun starts! Farmer James has a nick-name, FARMER CHA-OS! He love to let ALL  of the goats out for the walk. You will have at least 4 goats on leads, goats roaming along with you, and goats roaming everywhere. The next part is the best. At the end of the road they turn and run home. Goats never grow up, no matter their size they jump and leap! Twisting and bouncing all the way home.  Getting them back in is his real talent. Watch the master goat farmer at work putting them all back where they go. You are all now free to. brush and cuddle your new friends for the remainder of the hour.

Please note: Uneven terrain and slippery gravel. Not recommended for the meek or fable.


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